Social Media Marketing

One method of marketing involves social media. We've all heard the buzzwords used in TV shows and in the news. "Follow us on Twitter", "Like our Page on Facebook". Social media has taken off in recent years and advertising via these methods is something that all businesses have to think about.

Not all businesses will benefit from social media - you cannot just create a page on Facebook and leave it alone. Social Media means being "social" and that means interacting with your followers, posting regular updates, sharing news but not oversharing, and not annoying your fans with too many posts that only "sell" your product.

Facebook Pages

We can help create your Facebook page for your property / business.

Consult with you on creating a cover photo that will express what your page is about and upload a suitable profile photo. See our own Facebook Cover & Profile screen grab below as an example.

We can also assist with paid Facebook advertising and share your page with our own followers.

Facebook Cover & Profile

Google+ Page

Similar to Facebook, Google+ is another social media website. You could liken it to a blog where you can post things, link to websites and follow other Google+ pages. Our G+ cover photo is shown below.

Facebook Cover & Profile


Twitter is a way of connecting with your fans/followers by posting quick short messages, photos or videos. Your message can include a link to your website, special offer, Facebook page etc.

We do have a Twitter account but have not posted to it regularly except for updates to server maintenance.


Our hosting packages include lots of free scripts that can be installed instantly. One of the scripts is PHPList which you can use to create and send newsletters. You can add people to the list manually (obviously you need their permission so as to not be considered spam) and then include a link to your newsletter on your website for people to sign up.

Newsletters are a good way of writing to a large number of people informing them of your latest news or offers.

Marketing via Social Media involves a lot of work and continued interaction with fans/followers in order to be successful at it.

If you start with Social Media you have to commit to it :)

Further Reading

For more information about Social Media Marketing please check out this Wikipedia page. Link Opens in New Window