Photography Helpful Hints and Suggestions

Our No 1 photography suggestion is :

Where possible get someone with the best equipment to take your property photos (see our Digital Photos page for examples of our work).

But should you decide to take your own photos please consider these tips:

  • Never leave taking the photos to the last day of your vacation - especially your outside shots. You have no guarantee of the weather and we have seen too many photos with a dark sky or wet deck from the rain. Unless it rains every day of your vacation there will always be a bright sunny day here in Florida for your outside shots.
  • Try not to aim the camera into bright lights / window.
  • Where possible make sure any windows or light source is behind you.
  • Make sure the home is tidy of clutter and stage any rooms to look inviting
  • The pool deck should be cleaned of dirt
  • Arrange patio furniture so that the deck looks spacious and can accommodate the number of guests that your property allows
  • ALWAYS photograph the front of your home and the pool/deck area on a nice sunny day with a blue sky. After all you are promoting the "Sunshine State".

Wide-Angle Digital Photos

We will produce excellent quality digital photos, using a DSLR camera with wide-angle lens, at a reasonable price.

Our price is $99 for homes within the Disney area.

Remember "A picture is worth a thousand words".